Welcome to a world of wonder, where astonishing sights are discovered around every corner...

For many people, a safari to Africa is a trip they’ve always dreamt about; yet they have trouble turning that dream trip into a reality because they just don’t know where to start, and who to trust.

That’s where Make a Difference Safaris! comes in.

We collaborate with our clients to design safari adventures that are luxurious, safe, responsible, and full of wonder. We help our clients stop “dreaming” about Africa and start doing — we’ll get you exploring the savannah grasslands via covered vehicles, spying lion prides lounging in the cool shade with the help of expert guides, and plunging into a cool, private pool at your upscale base camp while animals roam by in the distance.

Our bespoke planning services and partnership with Micato Safaris gets you that dream safari escape that goes far beyond what you can even imagine.

About the owner, Bonnie Philbrick:

Bonnie Philbrick Owner/Personal Safari Designer

 Thanks to my father’s military career, I grew up all around the world. From a small city in Taiwan to the dense jungles of Panama, I’ve been blessed to experience cultures radically different from my own, which has helped me appreciate the blessings of my own life with new eyes.

I’ve never stopped traveling to the far corners of the globe, having a voracious appetite for new experiences and the love of meeting new people.

Still … there was always a longing to return to Africa!

I spent four formative years there as a child, and my experiences stayed with me as I wandered farther and farther away.

Until, one day, after 30 years working in the travel industry, I received an email from Micato Safaris.

Upon reading the email I immediately knew that my travel course was about to change forever.

The email described Micato’s One for One Commitment.” For every safari sold, they would send an African child to school. And they would support that child all the way to high school, changing his or her future in an enormous way.

This is it, I thought. My passion — my purpose — and my chance to give back.

I met with the Micato Safaris team in New York, learning more about what makes them a different kind of safari outfitter and how they make a difference in the communities they visit. I traveled with Micato to Africa experiencing first-hand, the life-changing nature of their journeys.

It was travel like I’ve never experienced it before. And I couldn’t wait to share it with others.

Today, I work with travelers who yearn to go beyond the ordinary. They want to delve deep into the culture, delight in the wild nature of the land, and leave this spellbinding place knowing they’ve made a difference to those who call it home.

Does this sound like you? Then let’s talk — I know we can create travel magic together.