A Typical Day on Safari!  To begin with, there’s no way any day on safari can be called ‘typical’ – as you never know what you’ll see or do.  Rising just before the sun around 5:30am, you’re enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee or tea and delicious little cakes that were delivered to your tent with a subtle “wake up ma’am” – – the excitement starts!  You step outside to see what the day holds, surprised to feel how crisp & cool the morning air is against your face.  Hmmmm… you’ll need to wear a long-sleeve shirt and perhaps bring a lightweight jacket as well.  One last check to be sure you have everything: hat, camera & portable charger, kleenex, chapstick, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses. It’s nice to know Micato Safaris’ vehicles always carry bottled water, light snacks & binoculars; so you’re all set!

Only twenty minutes later a member of the camp walks by your tent and gently calls out “ready ma’am”….flashlight in hand, he guides you to your safari vehicle.   You can feel the excitement in the air as those going with you are anxious to start the day, wondering what animals they’ll see – – perhaps an elusive leopard or a pride of lions still eating their kill from last night.  Every Micato Safaris’ vehicle has a driver and guide to point out both the obvious and not so obvious animals on your trek – – you won’t miss a thing.

At first everyone is quiet as you leave camp; sleep still in some of their eyes…then our guide points in the distance to a herd of elephants walking ever so diligently towards you on their way to the watering hole.  The driver stops the vehicle, turns off the engine, and allows you to watch and take photos. These gentle giants get closer & closer paying no attention to your vehicle – – on a quest for water!  Although they weigh some 10,000 +/- pounds, they are so quiet and graceful you ‘d never know they were within 50 feet of the vehicle!



When ready to move on the driver has asked that you say “Sawa, Sawa” meaning Okay, Okay. He starts the engine and your search is on for other animals.  Around 9:30am, after about 3 hours of trekking, your stomach starts growling reminding you that you haven’t had breakfast yet.  Everyone is in desperate need of another cup of coffee!  Heading back to camp you arrive to waiting staff handing out warm towels that smell of eucalyptus to wipe down your faces & hands – how refreshing.  As you near the dining area you can see tables set with fresh white linens and china all around.  The smells of potatoes & onions, bacon and ham greet your noses.  There is such an assortment of breakfast foods it’s hard to know where start!  Everyone greedily digs in while chatting about the animals seen and sharing of pictures.  Your Micato Safaris’ Director joins you to discuss your thoughts and let you know what to expect next….stay tuned!

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    Nov 06, 2015

    Great post and nice pictures…really draws you in ?