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What book or movie inspired you to travel?

There must be hundreds of movies and books that have peaked your interest to visit

the places they were filmed or written about.

A few of my favorites are:

Out of Africa (of course!); the TV mini-series Thorn Birds – everyone wanted to travel to Australia after seeing it; Gorillas In The Mist – Dian Fossey; and of course Under the Tuscan Sun – Italy has been an eternal favorite anyway, this movie boosted tourism there threefold!

Then there’s the books:

I’m currently reading West With The Night by Beryl Markham – wish they’d make a movie out of this one – are you listening Kathleen Kennedy?  Hard to imagine a female back in the 30’s flying solo as a bush pilot!

Then of course there’s Ernest Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa, or Under Kilimanjaro.

Whatever peaks your interest to travel – do it!  Don’t wait until ‘one day’ as that time may never come.  

Share what movies or books inspire you….will be fun to share and chat.  Have a great weekend, 

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