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The simplicity of Africa is calling me...

It’s been 3 years since I last visited and my heart ‘aches’ to go back. Especially when I walk into my office surrounded by reminders…

It’s been said by just about every explorer and writer who has ever visited Africa…she gets under your skin and into your heart.
  • “Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.” William Burchell (English explorer)
  • “I never knew of a Morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.” Earnest Hemingway (American novelist)
When asked what I ‘miss’ about Africa – I think it’s the simplicity. Not so much in the big cities, but out in her vast wide-open spaces. When you can look for miles and miles and not see another ‘human’ existence – no cars, no lights, no cell towers; it feels as though you’re coming back to your center – to feeling one with the universe. It is very surreal and unnerving.
I’ve had people say “yes, but you’re on vacation and that’s not the real Africa.” Oh yes it is my friend’s – look at the miles and miles of wide-open spaces and thousands of animals all existing in harmony in the picture below.

Then there’s the people, especially the Maasai – I’ve never encountered a people with such pure hearts and a love for life (as simplistic as it is) as well as a respect for nature and wildlife. They intrinsically know what the ‘circle of life’ means and follow it’s course. It definitely makes you stop and appreciate everything you have in life, – from modern appliances to cook and clean with, transportation (besides our feet) to move about, and the ever so readily available food, etc.

The older I get the more I seem to yearn for this simplicity, and so will continue to go back to Africa as often as I can.  May you find joy and enthusiasm for the ‘simple’ things in life too.

                                                         mpaka wakati ujao….until next time

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