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Stop and think about the friend’s you’ve made over the years and how you met…

The picture above is from our monthly luncheon today. Attendance varies from 5 to 9 – just depends on the time of year – most go North for the Summer!  How do we all know each other and now consider ourselves friends and not mere acquaintances?

We all participated in a twice weekly ‘dancersize’ class  offered through our community.  The instructor, Diane, was 74 years young!  Unfortunately she past a year-and-a-half ago from complications during  ‘routine’ surgery; and we vowed to get together in her honor each month.  Which has brought us all so much closer.

Although he’s not in the picture, one of Diane’s sons was able to join us today. It’s bittersweet sharing all our memories of her.



Two of my ‘best’ friends just happen to be sisters!  I met Barbara at the Allergists office chatting while waiting to see if I’d have a reaction to the Cat & Dust Mites shots I received weekly over 8 years!  She became a client of mine which turned into a friendship.  Then her sister Elaine came to work at the office and immediately we connected as well.  I feel like we’re ‘three peas in a pod’ and we try to get together as often as we can now that I’m living in Florida.  In fact, Barbara is coming down next month for a visit, with Elaine & her hubby Wayne, the end of April.  We’ve all (spouses too) taken several cruises together, and us ladies have enjoyed pottery classes, Himalayan salt caves and other wonderful fun things!


What does this have to do with Africa and Safaris?  Many of my client’s have made lasting friendships through their travels – ones that have enriched their lives like no other.  Especially while taking a safari.  

When everyone comes back covered in dust and ‘hat head hair’  – sitting down in those same dirty clothes for lunch or dinner – you get to know the ‘real’ person.  

I can’t think of a stranger place to make lasting friendships then on safari.  Just think, you know you’ll have common interests – otherwise they wouldn’t be taking the same journey you are.

What a way to enrich your life two-fold!

Until next week…  Kuwa salama – Be Safe in Swahili.

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